805 Hydrophone


The design and construction of Acertara’s bilaminar PvDF membrane hydrophones were developed based on the collective experience gained from hundreds of testing projects as well as 750 notified body submissions. Our hydrophones produce highly accurate and consistent data resulting in reduced testing times and, ultimately, lower testing costs

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These premium quality Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PvDF) membrane hydrophones represent the gold standard for both accuracy and stability. Because of their performance characteristics and long-term reliability, Acertara’s hydrophones are used daily in research and development, regulatory, and quality control laboratories worldwide. All Acertara hydrophones are provided with a calibration that is traceable to the National Physical Laboratories in England. Hydrophone models are available with responses that are flat and stable from 1-40MHz.

Physical Dimensions:

Diameter: 115mm (4.5”)

Height: 17mm (0.67”)

Film Thickness:

Active Layer- 9µm

Backing Layer- 9µm

Response Characteristics:

Flat and smooth from 1-60 MHz (standard calibration from 1-40 MHz)


Required- Integrated for noise immunity

Linear voltage gain of 6


50 Ω ± 1%


Standard BNC

Features and Functions:

Typically produces a stable response from 1-40MHz


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