Acoustic Measurement System Software™ (AMS)

Acertara’s AMS software has been described in refereed publications since 1988 and has evolved, by design, to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the medical ultrasound industry. Acertara and our customers have used this software to make acoustic power measurements according to internationally recognized standards such as NEMA UD2, NEMA UD 3, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-37, IEC 61689 and others. In combination with the Acertara acoustic measurement tank and the Acertara PvDF hydrophones, this software is currently in use by several notified bodies, as well as several major ultrasound manufacturers throughout the world for both internal testing and report validation. Training is available from Acertara Acoustic Laboratories.

Originally developed by Dr. Mark Schafer, enhanced and updated by Sonora Medical Systems and Acertara Acoustic Laboratories our AMS software is the compilation of more than 25 years of acoustic measurement experience and hundreds of regulatory submissions. Acertara’s AMS software is widely recognized as the industry standard and is used daily by Original Equipment Manufacturers, as well as regulatory and notified bodies on a worldwide basis.