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The Advantage™ Ultrasound Phantom evaluates ultrasound systems with an effective operating frequency range of 2.25 to 10 MHz, utilizing both easy to use and comprehensive means. Advantage is comprised of differing distance measurements and tissue mimicking target structures, varying in both size and contrast. The operator can easily evaluate the system’s dynamic range and processing performance by accessing the four gray scale targets which range in contrast from 6 to -3dB. The phantom capitalizes on convenience and ease of use by offering an improved dual scan surface, designed to easily accommodate linear, sector, endoscopic probes, and transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) probes. 

Warranty: 12 Months

Physical Dimensions:

Height: 270mm

Width: 215mm

Diameter: 96mm

Weight: 4.55kg (10lbs)

General Characteristics: Scan Surfaces: 2

Scan Ports: 1

Tissue Mimicking Material:

Type: Urethane Rubber

Freezing Point: -40°C

Melting Point: 100°C

Attenuation Coefficient: 0.5dB/cm/MHz ± 5.0%

Speed of Sound: 1450 m/s ± 1.0% at 23°C