AmpSafe™ is a microprocessor based Ultrasound Transducer Leakage tester. AmpSafe™ measures both the conductivity of the cleaning medium and the leakage current of the ultrasound transducer. AmpSafe™ also has a datalog of memory for storing prior test results.

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AmpSafe User’s Manual (pdf) AmpSafe Quick Start Guide (pdf)

AmpSafe™ is a modern ultrasound transducer electrical leakage test device. The AmpSafe™ measures both the conductivity of the cleaning/test medium and the leakage current of the ultrasound transducer. AmpSafe™ is designed to test the electrical safety of all types of diagnostic ultrasound transducers, independent of the ultrasound machines on which they are used. Although AmpSafe™ can be used on virtually any type of ultrasound transducer, it is especially recommended in the testing of TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiography) transducers prior to each use as recommended by many TEE ultrasound device manufacturers. AmpSafe™ tests the integrity of the outer insulation barrier of the transducer as well as the capacitive leakage currents that exist. Compatibility with other manufacturers’ adapters and Dual Conductivity Probes allows you safeguard prior investments in adapters and probes. AmpSafe™ is the most advanced instrument of its kind on the market today and adds new dimensions to diagnostic ultrasound transducer electrical safety testing. AmpSafe™ is easy to set up and use with the following best-in-class features and functionality:

  • Compact electrode designed to work with automated TEE disinfection stations
  • User-selectable test limits by transducer manufacturer and model
  • 2.5% or ± 2.5µA, whichever is greater, full-scale measurement accuracy
  • Automatic internal self-test
  • Digital calibration
  • Battery life display (0% to 100%)
  • Soak timer
  • “Single mode” for single measurements of leakage current
  • “Meter mode” for continuous measurement of leakage current
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) operation with a Web browser interface:
    • Use AmpSafe™ with any of your existing devices: PC, tablet, phone, etc.
    • A BYOD is offered as a purchase option
  • Wi-Fi or USB connection to BYOD
  • All measurements saved on device and/or on a Cloud endpoint
  • Test report generation in HTML or PDF
    • Reports contain detailed probe information, measurement values, tester identification, date, etc.
    • Reports help you align with the Inter-societal Accreditation Commission guidelines


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