ATLAS™ Ultrasound Probe Tester

The ATLAS™ System was designed by Acertara as an economical, scalable, high speed, portable, high precision probe/array testing device intended for contemporary probe and multi element array technologies. Atlas is an extremely flexible test and analysis device designed to match your specific needs.

For example, the ATLAS™ features a transmit pulser that provides both a unipolar and a bi polar pulse and has the capability to connect an external pulser as well. A small, rack mounted (or table mounted) industrial design allows for easy integration into a manufacturing line, or an engineering laboratory.



  • Transmit pulser
  • Receiver
  • Impedance Measurement Module
  • Element Selection Matrix
  • Data Conversion and PC Interface
  • Pulse/Echo Measurement
  • Complex Impedance
  • Measurement
  • Judgment/Acceptance Criteria
  • Results Save and Database
  • Report Generation
  • System Self Test
  • 408 pin Connecter Interface
  • Insertion Loss
  • Array Alignment
  • Multiplexed Array Hardware Support

User Manual Spec Sheet