A cost-effective and easy to use device utilizing advanced filtration technology and powerful pumps (25”Hg at sea level), the Acertara Paratus is able to achieve a 75% reduction in dissolved gas concentration compared to a non-degassed tank. This multi-step, continuous flow water treatment process filters particulates, UV sterilizes, and removes bubbles and dissolved gasses from the water. In addition to decreasing the water consumption of a power tank, this system will also reduce the chances of forming bubbles during high intensity ultrasonic testing. Paratus will, in addition to reducing risk of cavitation damage to expensive hydrophones, provide a significant reduction in air bubble interference in day to day measurements. Although designed to work with our Acoustic Measurement Tank (AMT), Paratus will also benefit those with in-house designed tanks.

Paratus™, a water treatment tool, was designed to deliver the best in class water degassing and filtration function.



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