Siemens Certified 4V1c

Compatible with:
ACUSON S3000™ ultrasound system
ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system
ACUSON S1000™ ultrasound system
ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system
ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system

Applications: Transthoracic Adult Echo, Pediatric Echo, 2D Stress Echo, Contrast Agent Studies


Frequency Bandwidth: 1.25 – 4.5 MHz

 Design Attributes:

  • The 4V1c transthoracic transducer utilizes Hanafy lens transducer technology to provide excellent elevation focusing and uniform beam intensity throughout the field of view
  • Supports IN Focus Coherent Imaging technology, a new standard in information imaging to deliver the full field of view in focus without user intervention, resulting in excellent detail and contrast resolution at all depths
  • Supports 2D, color Doppler (CDV, DTV, DTE), spectral Doppler (PW, CW, DTI) and contrast agent imaging*


* At the time of publication, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared ultrasound contrast agents only for use
in LVO. Check the current regulations for the country in which you are using this system for contrast agent clearance.