Acoustic Measurement Tank™

Acertara’s professional grade acoustic measurement tank (AMT) has been designed using more than 20 years of acoustic output power and regulatory experience coupled with input from users, regulatory agencies, and notified bodies on a worldwide basis. Using today’s cutting edge precision mechanically engineered parts and materials the Acertara AMT is the gold standard for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound power testing. The focus of AMT’s core design was to develop an easy to use, durable and sophisticated device that would produce accurate and repeatable data across a wide range of acoustic measurement applications. Our AMT product has been used to conduct testing according to such standards as NEMA UD 2, NEMA UD 3, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-37, EN 45502-1, IEC 61847, and ISO 14708-1. This is the same equipment we are currently using in our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory in Longmont, Colorado. Easy to use, highly accurate, and developed with unparalleled industry expertise, the Acertara AMT delivers the most effective acoustic measurement solution commercially available. AMT is backed by Acertara’s technical team for ongoing support and training.

Acertara is committed to consistently delivering the highest quality products to our valued customers. For example our Acoustic Measurement Tank (AMT) is equipped with precision ball screws to ensure both repeatability and the highest resolution.


User Manual Spec Sheet

  • Physical Dimensions:
  • For Our Small Tank
    • Water Tank-18inX18inX18in (45cmX45cmX45cm)
    • Overall size-47.7 inches High, 32.9 inches Wide, 46.2 Inches Long (121cmX83cmX117cm)
  • For Our Large Tank
    • Water Tank- 18inX18inX36in (45cmX45cmX90cm)
    • Overall Size- 47.7 inches High, 32.9 inches Wide, 63.45 Inches Long (121cmX83cmX161cm)
  • Specifications for Both Tanks:
    • Communication
      • TCP/IP via Ethernet to oscilloscope, motion controllers, and control computer
    • Temperature
      • Monitored with an integrated Thermocouple
      • Expected Step Size and Repeatability by Axis (1):
        • X-Axis: 0.635µm step size and ±50µm repeatability or better
        • Y-Axis: 1.25µm step size and ±50µm repeatability or better
        • Z-Axis: 0.198µm step size and ±15µm repeatability or better
  1. Data taken at ½ λ 5 MHz, note that measurement method accuracy is estimated at ±25µm, measurement method repeatability is estimated at ±10 µm and measurement resolution is 10µm