Usono ProbeFix Dynamic


General info:

  • 5 years of development
  • Adapters for multiple brands like Philips, Canon, GE, Sonosite and more.
  • Non-sterile product
  • Incl straps and belt
  • Key Features:
      • Continuous and dynamic muscle imaging
      • Better reproducible images

Weight: 235 Gram

Size (l x w x h): 167 mm x 119 mm x 45 mm


ProbeFix Dynamic is a new device that supports high-quality ultrasound measurements during dynamic exercise. The ProbeFix Dynamic keeps an ultrasound probe in place throughout intense movement. This can be used in sports training, muscle recovery exercises, during general rehabilitation practices or even in intensive care departments. The seamless combination of ProbeFix Dynamic and portable ultrasound systems has made it possible to monitor muscles dynamically while running or cycling. This creates new opportunities within the area of muscle imaging.

Custom adaptations are possible.

Additional information

Probe types:

– Canon 14L5, i18LX5
– Hologic SuperSonic SL15-4, SL18-5
– Telemed MPROL40, L12
– Philips L9-3, Lumify L12-4
– Esaote L4-15, SL33233, LA532
– GE 9L, L8-18i
– Sonoscape L752
– Butterfly iQ

Custom adaptations are possible in consultation with the supplier Usono.


Resting Muscle Shear Modulus Measured With Ultrasound Shear-Wave Elastography as an Alternative Tool to Assess Muscle Fatigue in Humans:


Changes in the Viscoelastic Properties of the Vastus Lateralis Muscle With Fatigue:

Probe types

Telemed LV probes – PFDT-1001, Telemed LF probes – PFDT-1002