Usono ProbeFix Dynamic T (LV probes / LF probes)


  • Fits: Telemed LV probes or LF probes
  • Non-sterile
  • Incl straps
  • Key benefits:
    • Continuous and dynamic muscle imaging
    • Better reproducible images
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Innovative and essential tool to enable continuous and dynamic imaging of muscles. Developed for linear array Telemed LV probe or Telemed LF probe with the larger field of view (6 cm). Revolutionary research purposes in MSK ultrasound research. Designed and manufactured by Usono in The Netherlands. Custom adaptations are possible in consultation with the supplier Usono.

Weight: 160 Gram

Size (l x w x h): 167 mm x 119 mm x 45 mm

Probe types

Telemed LV probes – PFDT-1001, Telemed LF probes – PFDT-1002